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Empty Window Reference Design similar to VS 2012

Sep 18, 2013 at 9:17 PM
Edited Sep 25, 2013 at 4:59 PM
Hi kozw,

I finally tried to use the EmptyWindow approach to convert my existing project:

into the direction of mui (see attached sample and screenshot). I redefined the
empty Window style such that it will look similar to VS2012 and it works great.

The EmtyWindow style is re-defined in: Edi/ModernWindowEx.xaml

There are just some minor issues I have looked into for quite a while now but
cannot seem to get solved:

1> The menu is not (fully) clickable in ExpressionDark since it is positioned in the Window drag area - so I can actually click on a main menu entry and drag the window while the menu itself does not respond at all (see screenshot)

2> The Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons on the top right side are there but do not work at all - what am I missing here?

3> Is there a command or property to pop-up the system menu? I would like to use it when the user clicks on the icon.

Here is a link to the source code and screenshot I was referring to:

Can someone give me a hint on solving the listed problems?

mui a great framework that cannot be missed thanks a lot :-)

I found the answers to my problems in the meantime:

1> I use the attached property: shell:WindowChrome.IsHitTestVisibleInChrome="True" to tell the menu bar and the icon image that it is not part of the WindowChrome that can be dragged.

2> Was just a coding mistake on my side. I use the original code from the WpfSample application and it works for me.

3> Is something to research independently from mui since I can specify a click event or command and connect it with an action like show a pop-up menu (system or custom)

Thanks again for the great work.
Dec 12, 2013 at 3:26 PM
I had the same issue with your #1 question. So much digging through google and these discussion boards and I finally come across your post. So much time wasted for such an easy solution to making controls fully responsive while in the chrome area.

Thank you for enlightening me. :)
Dec 12, 2013 at 4:30 PM
Hi Kadolphc,

You are welcome.
I actually managed to solve almost all of the problems stated above and released a version with MUI styles.
Digging around I've learned that some details are due to re-using the API from the components that MUI is based on.

Thats probably why it is not documented here.

The MUI project is otherwise a great resource both in terms of implementation and documentation :-)
Thats part of the reason why I finally switched towards using it.