modern ui wpf navigation

Jun 16, 2014 at 8:33 PM
I need to navigate from CheckLogin.xaml to MainMenu.xaml, so I derived MainMenu.xaml from ModernWindow to be able to add navigation <mui:ModernWindow.MenuLinkGroups>, and can't find a way to add menulink to a window derived from UserControl because UserControl window can be nested inside a ModernWindow window. To overcome the problem, I have two options: 1. To add navigation to Page1.xaml (may be impossible) or 2. find a way to navigate to MainWindow (and this should be easy, I can't find a reasonable reason why this appears to need a miracle to be done! this is a basic need)

I'm using this code for naviagtion:
string url = "/MainWindow.xaml";
BBCodeBlock bbBlock = new BBCodeBlock();
bbBlock.LinkNavigator.Navigate(new Uri(url, UriKind.Relative), this, FirstFloor.ModernUI.Windows.Navigation.NavigationHelper.FrameSelf);
when running this code, it navigates when url is a window name dervied from UserControl, but when running the above code, I encounter this exception:
"Unable to navigate to /MainWindow.xaml, could not find a ModernFrame target '_self'"
How could I resolve this?