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Modern UI showcase app gallery

The following apps have been developed with ModernUI for WPF. Want to showcase your app as well? Post your app here.

1. XAML Spy

XAML Spy is the visual runtime inspector for Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows Store and WPF. Modern UI for WPF is actually the open source spin-off of XAML Spy, the entire user interface has been extracted from XAML Spy.


2. Specialist Bakery Orders and Customer management

Development environment: C# (VS2013 on Win 8.1) in a MVVM format with Entity Framework, writing to a local database using SQL Server 2012.
Development considerations:
  • using m:ui enabled fast prototype of WPF user interface - solution developed from scratch and * completed in 6 weeks, with part time effort.
  • using m:ui meant solution works on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 - big advantage. However, POCO classes were modeled and generated by Entity Framework so could not use INPC by default which meant most bindings to UI had to be hand-coded :(


More screenshots: (start page, customer page, orders page, delivery note)

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