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How to Navigate to another page from ModernDialog content control

Jun 20, 2013 at 2:46 AM
I have a moderndialog with my own button in my moderndialog for example

User Control in /Content/ContentDialog.xaml like this
<UserControl .....>
    <Button Content="Navigate" OnClick="ButtonNavigate" />

And in ContentDialog.xaml.cs will look like this :
var frame=NavigationHelper.FindFrame(null,this)
   frame.Source=new Uri(path,UriKind.Relative);
And I show the ContentDialog in moderndialog like this..
new ModernDialog(){
    Title="My Dialog",
But I don't know the context of this in var frame=NavigationHelper.FindFrame(null,this) and the code will not allow me to navigate to another page from here.

How can I try the correct modernframe object from another dialog?