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Querystring / fragment navigation and IContent

Sep 23, 2013 at 3:47 PM
I'm looking for a little clarification with this framework regarding fragment navigation.

In most examples regarding fragment navigation, fragments are added to the Uri to a control by appending '#SomeValue' to the Uri.
For example
<mui:Link DisplayName="SomeLink Source="Views/ItemDetail.xaml#1234"/>

And then instructions to read this value from the Fragment string on the FragmentNavigationEventArgs in the OnFragmentNavigation of IContent.

But then I see something like what is described in this link

This answer suggests using a query string with a "?Id=1234" and to read the querystring value in OnNavigatedTo method of IContent. However I do not see any ModernUI feature for parsing the querystring values. The NavigationEventArgs provided to that method to not contain a collection of query string values or anything helpful like that. Am I left to my own devices as to parsing that Query string?

Why not just formalize on using Querystring type formatting. a known format to most developers, for supplying values on the Uri and providing these values to the OnFragmentNavigation method instead.