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SelectedLinkGroupChanged Event or How to get ModermMenu from ModernWindow?

Apr 6, 2014 at 9:02 PM
If the SelectedLinkGroup from the ModernWindow is changed, i want that allways the first Link is selected. In other words: If i select the second mui:Link, then select another mui:LinkGroup, then go back to my previous mui:LinkGroup, the second mui:Link is still selected. I want that in this case the first link (i.e. the left one) is selected again.

I think there is no built-in functionality, so I wanted to hook into the SelectedLinkGroup element of the ModernMenu, but i cannot get a hold on the ModernMenu of the ModernWindow.

So, what i need is either the ModernMenu of my MainWindow, or i need a IsSelected Property on the mui:LinkGroup.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.