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How to make access to all UI Control in first load?

May 7, 2014 at 7:29 AM
From menu link group I used this :
<mui:ModernWindow x:Class="SKBPK2014.MainWindow"

        <mui:LinkGroup DisplayName="Sampel">
                <mui:Link DisplayName="HOME" Source="/UI/Pages/Home.xaml" />
                <mui:Link DisplayName="DAFTAR SAMPEL" Source="/UI/Kuesioner/DaftarSampel.xaml" />
How to get All UI control in a list in the first load. Not clicking the mui:Link. ? I wanna get like this
List<UIControl> UiControl;
it will contains all UIControl in My ModernWindow. so it will contains {Home,DaftarSampel,} object List in the first load..