Animate AccentColor change?

Oct 27, 2014 at 4:08 AM

Is it possible to animate the change to AccentColor in appearance manager?
I am changing it like so, and if it's light, I change the theme to dark. All works well, but the Theme is animated by 0.6 time transition, yet the accent color is changed immediately.
                AppearanceManager.Current.AccentColor = accentColor;
                var isLightAccent = accentColor.R + accentColor.G + accentColor.B > ((255 + 255 + 255)/2);
                AppearanceManager.Current.ThemeSource = isLightAccent ? AppearanceManager.DarkThemeSource : AppearanceManager.LightThemeSource;
Is it possible to animate the accent color change, and if not, how hard would it be to implement as a storyboard?