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Changing the ModernWindow and ModernTab.xaml

Jan 25, 2015 at 6:04 PM
Hi and thank you for viewing this post!

As I am currently a complete noob to WPF and trying to learn the language, I'd realy like to see some sort of guide on how to change the ModernWindow and ModernTab.xaml files. I hope you guys can help me with that.

I've seen multiple threads in the discussions tab of this site. They suggest me to:
  1. Change the files and recompile the mui project. (How do I do that?)
  2. Add references to the altered files. (Can't get it to work)
Can someone provide me with a step by step guide (which includes printscreens) on either one of those two methods?

BTW, I'm realy enjoying playing around with the mui project so far! (: