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navigation Cashes all the pages

Apr 18, 2015 at 8:43 PM
hi ,
i have problem in navigation ,
i Build my Xaml main window like the following :

    <mui:LinkGroup DisplayName="welcome">
            <mui:Link DisplayName="home" Source="/Pages/Home.xaml" />
            <mui:Link DisplayName="Users" Source="/Pages/UsersPage.xaml" />
            <mui:Link DisplayName="Customers" Source="/Pages/CustomersPage.xaml" />
            <mui:Link DisplayName="Suppliers" Source="/Pages/SuppliersPage.xaml" />
            <mui:Link DisplayName="Stock Items" Source="/Pages/StockItemsPage.xaml" />
            <mui:Link DisplayName="Currency" Source="/Pages/CurrencyPage.xaml" />
            <mui:Link DisplayName="Purchase Voucher" Source="/Pages/PurchaseVoucherPage.xaml" />
            <mui:Link DisplayName="Cash Flow" Source="/Pages/CashFlowPages/CashFlow.xaml" />
            <mui:Link DisplayName="System Account" Source="/Pages/SystemAccount.xaml" />
            <mui:Link DisplayName="ORDER" Source="/Pages/OrderPages/OrderPage.xaml" />
            <mui:Link DisplayName="EXPENCES" Source="/Pages/Expences.xaml" />
    <mui:LinkGroup DisplayName="settings" GroupKey="settings">
            <mui:Link DisplayName="software" Source="/Pages/SettingsPage.xaml" />

    <mui:Link DisplayName="settings" Source="/Pages/SettingsPage.xaml" />
    <mui:Link DisplayName="help" Source="" />
but the problem is when ever i navigate to a link it opens only one time, when i try to open it again it is open from history... so any new changes will not shown only if i close the program and re run again ...
any help ??? or can i stop the cashing of the page ... so every time i press on a link it opens from the beginning??